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Universidad Alas Peruanas: Sunedu once again denied the license due to financial problems | PERU

Though Peruvian wings still limping on some academic indicators, he has improved in that field. However, its liquidity problems and the bulk of its accounts payable have tipped the balance towards denial. With a projected negative cash balance through 2025, the university falls short of the regulator’s standards. Management he accessed the finances of the UAP exclusively.


In 2019, Peruvian wings offered 78 programs. Since then, it has narrowed the offering to just 12 programs, all undergraduate. It also went from operating in 29 stores to doing so in 7 and renewed its shareholding structure, by removing the heirs of Fidel Ramírez.

As a result of this disclosure, this time Sunedu has been much closer to certifying that it complies with the basic quality conditions (CBC). In 2019, the UAP complied with 11 indicators and failed with 33 (of 44 in total); while this year he obtained a positive result in 13 and failed in 14 (of 27 in total). A proportion that reflects the effort.

NeverthelessPeruvian wings it is unable to project the resources necessary to ensure that it can make the investments to maintain (or improve) the quality of its teaching. Instead, it would post a negative cash balance through 2025.

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“What interests Sunedu, more than the net result, is the cash flow. This is because they want universities to have the necessary funds secured to finance their quality improvement plans, which last several years and involve building facilities, becoming accredited, allocating funds to research, etc.,” explains Álvaro Ledgard, an economist who has worked on evaluation. Financing of study houses.

After investing S/ 210 million, the university told Sunedu that it would obtain resources for the coming years, mainly, from the payments of its students and from the sale of some of its premises. However, this year he posted less pension income than he had projected and his estimates turned negative.

Thus, the accumulated cash balance was adjusted to a negative value of S/ 4.8 million in 2022, when it had been estimated that it would be positive by S/ 1.7 million. Said scenario would last up to three years, when it would reach -S/ 8 million. Only in 2026 would it be reversed.

A university’s cash reflects its liquidity. That is, the money you have on hand to use. Although it may register positive accounting results, these may be masked -for example- by delinquent pensions registered as income. “With cash flow you can’t fool. The net result can make a company look better than it really is,” explains Ledgard.

  • Debt. Accounts payable make up the majority of UAP’s liabilities. It does not recognize 74% of its debt with suppliers.
  • Local. The university sold real estate for S/ 54 million, but it was not enough.
  • Closing. Its new deadline for cessation of activities is in March 2025.