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Sophia Loren Drives Charlton Heston So Crazy She Asked For A Body Double “We Won’t Look At It” | Movies | entertainment


Charlton Heston: Hollywood’s latest icon Mark Elliott says Lauren’s antics “really pissed him off,” according to producer Peter Snell.

So much so that Heston was “more uncomfortable” during any love scenes and, in the future, would turn down roles that might again involve sharing the screen.

He takes a man shot next but Heston can hardly bear to look at Lorraine during the emotional scenes and even in the deathbed scene. He later insisted he was “looking into the future”, not into his wife’s eyes.

It was picked up on by later reviews, with one saying that “Miss Lorraine and Heston spend most of the picture glancing at each other.”

Heston was also unhappy with the fact that he had aged dramatically throughout the film while his star luminary (with her expensive hairdresser) remained absolutely beautiful.

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