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Shark Tank fans can Ride FRSH with air fresheners costing $5 a month

Kicking off on Friday, September 23, Shark Tank returned for its 14th season in 2022. The show has been running since 2009 and features many different investors and business people who are eager to put their cash into the next big thing.

The ABC show has seen all kinds of entrepreneurs walk through its doors. Some of the pitches have been iconic, while others have had to walk away without a single investment from the Sharks. So, let’s find out more about Ride FRSH, a brand that was introduced on Shark Tank season 14 episode 7…

Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

Shark Tank: What is a FRSH air freshener?

Ride FRSH air fresheners are car air fresheners that aim to make taking care of your car ‘cool’ again.

The car air fresheners take making your ride smell nicer to the next level as they not only ooze with fragrance but they also feature memorable song lyrics related to driving.

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Ride FRSH products stand out from other air fresheners in the way that they look and they’re also currently available to buy via a monthly subscription service.

Ride FRSH appear on Shark Tank

Brothers Donovan and Trey Brown pitched their brand, Ride FRSH, on Shark Tank season 14 episode 7. They co-founded the company in 2018 alongside Dean Parker and Garrick Mitchell.

Life-long entrepreneurs Donovan and Trey hail from Motor City, AKA Detroit, but are now based in LA.

During the November 18 episode, the brothers hail the air freshener company as “the world’s flyest air freshener brand.”

They explained on the show that they want to branch out from being a subscription service to selling their products in the retail sector.

By the end of the Shark Tank episode, Donovan and Trey made a deal with Shark Barbara Corcoran.

Barbara initially wanted 25 per cent of the business for $200,000.

She said: “I think you need to be congratulated for producing $700,000 in sales.”

However, Donovan, Trey, and Barbara came to a deal of a 20 per cent stake for the $200,000.

FRSH air fresheners cost $5 per month

Many viewers of Shark Tank season 14 episode 7 may be wondering where they can get their hands on a Ride FRSH air freshener for their car.

By heading over to the website, customers can sign up for the monthly subscription which starts at $5 for two air fresheners. Customized subscription packs start at $7.25.

Many different styles and scents are available, including Spongebob and NBA air fresheners.

The company can be found on Instagram with over 16k followers at @ridefrsh.



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