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President Joe Biden’s granddaughter gets married at the White House in a secret ceremony




IIn total, 19 weddings have been celebrated at the White House. The last one was on Saturday after that President Joe Biden Naomi’s granddaughter tied the knot. she is Hunter Biden Her daughter said her “I do” at the age of 28 straight out White House In the presence of 120 guests. President Biden She married the granddaughter of a fellow lawyer Peter Neal At this ceremony, it has been 9 years since the last time a wedding was held at the White House. The press was completely banned from the ceremony but there are some interesting panoramas of the event.

In the long 200-year history of the White House, there have been 19 weddings that have occurred before that day during Barack Obama Administration. In 2013, he wed the former president’s personal photographer right outside in the Rose Garden of the White House. Souza’s house He married his longtime partner Patty Lees In a private ceremony, the press was allowed to do so. At Saturday’s wedding, the White House Correspondents’ Association expressed displeasure at not being allowed to cover the event.

President Biden is receiving backlash over a White House wedding

Twitter users immediately began responding to the president Granddaughter’s wedding, calling it a luxury that only a few can have in their lives. Not allowing the press to cover the event was also heavily criticized because WHCA In the following statement, he said: “White House weddings have been covered in the press throughout history and the First Family’s desire for privacy must be weighed against public interest in an event held in the People’s House with the President’s participation.”

The last time an immediate family member held a wedding in the White House was in 1971. During that time, the President Richard Nixon Daughter Tricia, married Ed Cox. This wedding was also allowed to the press in what was in fact the first wedding ever to be celebrated in the Rose Garden. Naomi was the first presidential granddaughter to receive the honor on the South Lawn of the White House.


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