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Official Indiana Jones 5 plot details shed light on Mads Mikkelsen’s character and more

Official details of Indiana Jones 5 It’s been few and far between since it was first announced, but lately, fans have been getting more information about the highly anticipated sequel. Just the other day, the public got in First full look at Indy Harrison Ford In the fifth and final installment of the beloved action-adventure series. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, tidbits regarding the plot have now been revealed as well. Among the exciting coins are details about the silhouetted figure of Mads Mikkelsen and more.

Last year, it was rumored Indiana Jones 5 You will deal with space, more specifically the 1960s space race and will see the seasoned adventurer encounter ex-Nazis working for NASA. Well, all of that has now been confirmed by the film’s co-writer, Jez Butterworth. The writer, whose body of work includes films such as Edge of tomorrow And the Ford vs. Ferrariquipped that the ever-skeptical Jones wouldn’t take kindly to Adolf Hitler’s seemingly reformed henchmen:

The simple fact is that the moon landing program was run by a group of ex-Nazis. How are they “ex” is the question. And Indy’s nose turned up …