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NBA’s Youngboy and NoCap take ‘digs’ at each other

NBA’s Youngboy and NoCap are sparking beef rumors after the pair traded heated words with each other on Instagram.

Here is everything you need to know.

NBA’s Youngboy war of words with NoCap

Most recently, Youngboy took the official account Never Broke Again label to share his frustration over a signee to his label whom he no longer trusts.

Moreover, the rapper whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden wrote an explicitly descriptive post.

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Some of the content read, ‘I pay attention to all that slick a** s**t you be doing and saying,’ before he questioned a ‘real rapper.’

He further mentioned, ‘We don’t do music ’cause I don’t [f*ck with you.] Stop speaking on me to these people. You my daddy artist. You a f**king worker b*tch you ain’t my brother fuck you pay me.’

However, the fans were quick to suspect that he was seemingly speaking out against NoCap. Fans came to the conclusion after the Alabama rapper revealed the reason why he and Youngboy have not collaborated.

At that time, he said, ‘Let me go up on my own first because I don’t need everybody sayin’ I used Top to get big. We will do music later.’

NoCap responds to Youngboy’s post

Youngboy remarks and fans’ speculation prompted NoCap to address the rumors. He implied in a now-deleted post that the Baton Rouge native likes to pick on a different person every week.

Additionally, he went ahead to call the megastar a ‘hater.’ NoCap further responded that he is not aware of any debt.

Meanwhile, NoCap whose real name is Kobe Vidal Crawford claimed that Youngboy is ‘scared’ that he will come out more famous than him if they team up again. 

He wrote, ‘I took the blame for why we don’t do music cus I was tryna keep yo hater card clean, but nah. We really don’t do music cus he probably [scared] I’ll be bigger on some on some baby s**t.’

Youngboy and NoCap beef heats up

Youngboy could not let the matter go so easily. Hence, he fired back at NoCap’s accusation by stating that his issues are not related to music. 

Furthermore, he went ahead to declare himself a better rapper than most including Jay-Z. 

... said, ‘Jay-Z can’t out rap me, boy, this ain’t bout no music. You’re just a scary b*tch. I wanted revenge on the labels n***a. I’m holding over here. You ain’t even got 300k for yo tax bill clown.’


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