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Legacy Shave cans cost $25 in their ‘Shark Tank special’ deal after the show

Shark Tank season 14 is in full swing on ABC in 2022. Each Friday, entrepreneurs walk into the Tank and pitch their business to the Sharks. It takes guts, know-how, and a convincing presentation for the company owners to win over the stone-faced Sharks as well as a genius product to grab their attention.

All kinds of products have been seen on the show including ‘hats’ that lengthen the life of bananas, super-fast wine chillers, artisan cheese and charcuterie board delivery services, and car air fresheners. Legacy Shave also walked into the Shark Tank in season 14 and pitched their product which was designed to refresh and enhance everyone’s shaving needs.

Lori Greiner Wants 100% of This Company – Shark Tank

Legacy Shave on Shark Tank

Ready to show the world an inventive shaving concept, Legacy Shave owner Mike Gutow entered the Shark Tank during November 18’s episode.

Season 14 episode 7 saw Mike present his product which sees a shaving brush attached to the top of a can of shaving foam.

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The brush lathering technology is one of the product’s main selling points and Mike had one Skark particularly interested.

Shark Tank’s Lori wanted the whole company

Lor Greiner was the last Shark standing during Mike’s shaving company pitch.

She made him an offer of $1m for 100 per cent of Legacy Shave. Lori said: “I’m going to give you $1m dollars to buy out your patents, the product, the everything, you won’t have to do anything anymore. I will try to give it a go, I’m pretty good at this kind of thing and then I will give you three per cent of net sales on whatever I sell for life.”

Lori added that her decision was based on Legacy Shave being the “coolest shaving experience I have ever felt,” adding that she thought it was “really wonderful.”

At the end of the episode, after some debate, Lori and Mike agreed on a $700,000 deal where he still retains 5 per cent of his company, along with his brother, Dave.

Buy Legacy Shave cans now

Since Legacy Shave’s Shark Tank episode aired on ABC, the company has ‘Shark Tank special’ deals on its website.

Legacy Shave cans cost $25 in the Shark Tank special deal.

The company also offers gift sets that cost around $55 – $75 which can be found on their website here.

Find Legacy Shave on Instagram where they have over 5,000 followers at the time of writing at @legacyshave.



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