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Kyrie Irving donate to Shanquella Robinson’s GoFundMe

Kyrie Irving has become one of the donors who have donated to the GoFundMe page launched by the family of Shanquella Robinson in the wake of her death. 

Here is everything you need to know.

Kyrie Irving contributes to Shanquella Robinson’s campaign

Kyrie Irving is one of the donors who are raising funds for Shanquella Robinson’s  GoFundMe. 

Moreover, according to reports the professional player has donated $65,000 to the campaign.

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Meanwhile, the website of Celebrity Net Worth has noted that Irving’s net worth is currently estimated to value around $90 million. 

The all-star NBA member has gathered a whopping fortune thanks to his salary and several endorsements.

Shanquella Robinson’s family launch GoFundMe following her death

The family of Shanquella Robinson has set up a GoFundMe campaign to fight for justice following her tragic death.

Furthermore, as of now, the fundraiser has raised more than $261,600. Their goal is to collect $300,000 to raise funds for Robinson’s funeral and other expenses.

Besides that, over 3,200 people have supposedly come forward to aid the family of the victim.

Robinson’s sister, Quilla Long issued a statement before the launch of GoFundMe page.

She wrote, ‘We face a tremendous unexpected financial burden and a great deal of pain as we prepare to lay my sister to rest. Any support you can contribute to our legal fees and other critical expenses is greatly appreciated.’

The description further read, that her family, ‘continue to fight for the truth.’

Shanquella Robinson might have died due to severe spinal cord

The death certificate of Shanquella Robinson has listed the cause of her tragic death as ‘severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.’

Meanwhile, reports say that she traveled with her friends to Cabo in Mexico and called the concierge for help. The concierge on the other hand called for medical assistance. But she passed away within fifteen minutes of sustaining the injury.

Fans react to Kyrie Irving’s donation

Many fans of Kyrie Irving have taken to social media platforms to express their thoughts over Kyrie Irving funding Shanquella Robinson’s GoFundMe.

One user wrote, ‘Salute @KyrieIrving !! Help to get justice for #ShanquillaRobinson and her family.’

Meanwhile, someone added, ‘@KyrieIrving salute to u.’

A different fan noted, ‘@KyrieIrving giving to Shaquella’s go fund me is big. Not because of the amount but because the story behind it is heartbreaking and this is part of the reason our parents drill in us that everyone isn’t our friends.’



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