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Justin Jefferson gives the Cowboys the perfect billboard material

Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson is a confident guy — and he should be. Jefferson secured victory over the Cowboys this week.

Justin Jefferson has earned the right to be the confident of almost every team in the NFL except the Dallas Cowboys. Last season, he led the Dallas Jeffersons to one of their worst regular season performances in his short NFL career.

Jefferson expects things to go differently this time around.

“After losing two years in a row against them, we definitely have that on our mind and we’re definitely going for that win,” he said. Jefferson said.

As far as warranties go, this one was very challenging. The Cowboys defeated the Vikings on the road in back-to-back appearances, although Andy Dalton and Cooper Rush started at QB in those games, respectively.

Vikings: Justin Jefferson secures victory over the Cowboys

Justin Jefferson will take on one of the best players in football on Sunday – Cowboys CP Trevon Diggs. Not only is Diggs one of the best coverage angles in the game, but he’s also a turnover threat every time he’s targeted by the opposing attack.

Jefferson has consecutive great performances, including a 10-catch and 193-yard performance in a win over the Buffalo Bills last week.

Dallas doesn’t often have Diggs traveling with wide receivers when they move through the formation, so expect the Vikings to try to protect favored target Kirk Cousins ​​by lining him up in the slot, on the other side of the formation from Diggs. They much prefer the Jefferson vs. Jordan Lewis match, for example.

As talented as Jefferson is, the Cowboys would likely be equally interested in the Vikings’ rushing offense. Dallas has struggled on its latest defense lately, prompting Micah Parsons to call their effort “disgusting” just last week in a loss to the Packers.

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