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Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee Murder: How Did They Die? Who Killed Them?

The often crime-free metropolis of Breckenridge, Colorado, endured a terrifying incident when hitchhikers Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee went missing on January 6, 1982. As that that they had no ties to at least one one other, native laws enforcement officers initially believed that their eerie disappearances weren’t linked. However, as quickly as they received right here all through the women’s deceased our our bodies, they found proof indicating the equivalent particular person killed every victims. ’48 Hours: Last Seen in Breckenridge’ thus chronicles these grotesque murders and follows the next investigation that lastly launched the killer to justice. If you is likely to be intrigued by the small print surrounding this case and want to review additional, we have now now you lined.

How Did Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee Die?

Although Bobbie and Annette went missing from the equivalent area of Breckenridge, Colorado, they weren’t even acquainted in any methodology, type, or sort. The latter luckily resided in Breckenridge and labored as a housekeeper at an space Holiday Inn. People who knew her described her as a kindhearted and generous specific one that cherished serving to others and was dedicated to her work. Moreover, Annette was merely 21 years outdated on the time of the incident and had good wishes for her future.

On the other hand, 29-year-old Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer resided in Alma, Colorado, and was married to Jeff Oberholtzer. She moreover had children from her earlier marriage, and whereas Bobbie labored as a receptionist, she cherished pub-hopping with buddies. In reality, she was really hitchhiking residence from an space membership on the day she was ultimate seen alive. Her husband even described her as a caring one which couldn’t bear to see others in distress and talked about that he misses her to this very day.

Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer// Image Credit: Laurie Merlo/CBS News

According to official paperwork, Annette reported at her place of employment as conventional on January 6, 1982, nonetheless she went to go to an space doctor upon clocking out. The expert really prescribed her some medicines, so she first decided to hitchhike to an space retailer with the intention to get what she wished. The pharmacy proprietor later confirmed that Annette had come to his retailer, however he added that she’d instantly vanished shortly after, so much to her family’s anguish.

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Meanwhile, Bobbie was pub-hopping with buddies on the equivalent day nonetheless had decided to return residence as quickly as she heard the warning about an upcoming blizzard-like state of affairs. The 29-year-old had even often called her husband, Jeff, to inform him that she’d already procured a journey and would return residence shortly. However, she certainly not did come once more, and early the following day, a concerned Jeff purchased a search celebration collectively sooner than combing by way of the native areas to find out what’d occurred. The metropolis of Breckenridge had really braved extreme conditions the night sooner than, however the search celebration was shortly able to come all through Bobbie’s deceased physique in a wooded area correct off the freeway, about 5 miles south of the town.

Once first responders arrived on the scene, they declared Bobbie ineffective, and an preliminary medical examination indicated bullet wounds to her head. Moreover, they found a brass ring that her husband had given her along with an orange sock near her physique. A correct autopsy then determined that although Bobbie was shot twice to dying, there have been no indicators of any sort of sexual abuse. Interestingly, the orange sock didn’t belong to her, and for the longest, police puzzled if it might trigger them to the killer.

Annette Schnee// Image Credit: Schnee family.CBS News

About six months after the preliminary incident received right here to mild, native deputies had been notified about one different human physique present in Sacramento Creek, Colorado, and shortly acknowledged it as that of Annette Schnee. Once the physique was launched in for testing, authorities noticed that Annette was sporting the other pair of the equivalent orange sock found beside Bobbie. While the sock confirmed that every victims had been killed by the equivalent perpetrator, an autopsy determined that Annette, too, was shot to dying with the equivalent handgun as Bobbie.

Who Killed Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee ?

The preliminary investigation into Bobbie and Annette’s murder proved pretty troublesome as detectives didn’t have loads of clues or witnesses to work with. Plus, given that our our bodies had been located about six months apart, most of the leads had already dried out, and although they interviewed a lot of of the victims’ acquaintances, they found themselves once more on sq. one with no quick suspects. However, as quickly as authorities checked the backpack beside Annette’s physique, they found a enterprise card with Bobbie’s husband, Jeff Oberholtzer’s title. Since it had already been established that the equivalent particular person murdered the two women, the police thought-about Jeff to be the precept suspect as he now seemingly had ties with every victims.

When questioned, Jeff insisted on his innocence and talked about that he was engaged on the time of the murders. Though, per the current, his alibi turned out to be a lie, making authorities suspect him way more — he was solely let off the hook when his DNA didn’t match the blood recovered from Bobbie’s gloves on the crime scene. It’s essential to note totally different suspects had been being regarded into as properly, along with convicted murderer Tracy Petrocelli, who had stayed on the inn Annette labored at, along with the infamous serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Yet none of their DNA samples matched the blood from the crime scene each.

Eventually, as DNA testing purchased superior, authorities revisited this chilly case and tried to trace the blood’s DNA by way of genetic household tree, solely to be left with two names, Alan and Bruce Phillips. While the latter had no reference to the town of Breckenridge or the state of Colorado, his brother, Alan, had been a longtime resident of Breckenridge. It even received right here to mild that laws enforcement had helped rescue him from his truck on the night of the incident — January 6, 1982 — all through the blizzard-like storm. They moreover remembered he had a bruise on his face for the time being, which he had insisted he’d gotten from a fall.

Image Credit: Park County Sheriff’s Office/CBS News

Thus, with out dropping any time, authorities shortly launched Alan in for questioning, and although he denied involvement inside the crimes, his DNA proved to be a perfect match to the blood on the crime scene, leading to his arrest. Once positioned on trial, Alan was found accountable of two counts of first-degree murder along with a lot of totally different costs, along with first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault, in September 2022. As a consequence, he was sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences with out parole spherical two months later.