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3 unexpected drastic changes the Phillies must make to get back to the World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies made the playoffs a long run, making it to the World Series. Unfortunately, they fell to defeat against the Houston Astros.

The Philadelphia Phillies have been on fire this season. They promptly evicted MLB legend Albert Pujols and the rest of the St. Louis Cardinals from contention in the Wild Card Series, then went on to deny the Atlanta Braves a chance at a second consecutive World Series title, eliminating them. in NLDS.

They outlasted Juan Soto, Manny Machado, and the rest of the San Diego Padres players in the NLCS, finally earning a spot in their first World Series since 2009. And to make things even better, it was their first time in the playoffs since 2011.

They really came off as the underdogs in ...season. Most of their division rivals, the New York Mets and Braves, expected them to be the ones to run far in ...season.

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However, their time in the World Series wasn’t nearly as smooth. They won game one and came back from a 5-0 deficit after the Houston Astros’ Justin Verlander made it too easy to hit, then lost game two with Framber Valdez performing flawlessly.

Game 3 was another level of success for the Phils as they thrived off the energy of their first World Series home game since 2009, and nearly half of the lineup hit home runs throughout the game to lead to a 7-0 shutout. Games 3, 4, and 5 weren’t quite as lucky for Philadelphia, eventually resulting in the Astros winning their second championship in franchise history.

The Phillies need to improve in several areas if they are to become more stable contenders for the title in the future.

3 drastic changes the Phillies must make to shock baseball

Bullpen, bullpen, bullpen

The Phillies’ turnover and bullpen depth were a major area of ​​concern throughout the 2022 season. During the regular season, of all MLB teams, they had the 13th worst ERA (3.97) and 15th worst opponent batting average (.245). They are behind eleventh (463) and fifth in walks (150). They have a few great shooters (Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler), but not enough to compare to the best teams in the league.

Their lineup has campaigned in ...season. Some of their victories depended solely on their ability to hit a home run, and their display, for the most part, wasn’t necessarily spectacular.

Of course, their rotation wasn’t so awful. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be able to go as far as they did, despite the great strength in the lineup. However, their lineup far exceeds their rotation and especially their bases. With their offering further developed, they could be a more consistent and solid team.

Look for the Phillies to add an arm, at the very least, this off-season. Bringing back David Robertson, and possibly signing a stable veteran alongside him, appear to be the best options for Philly.