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YouTube just got a major update – here are all the new features

YouTube has just been updated, and at first glance, the new design looks very clean.

Youtube (Opens in a new tab) Today I announce that there will be many changes coming to how the video streaming platform works on your devices. The majority of these changes relate to how the user interface looks when you’re on YouTube.

Platform dark appearance (Opens in a new tab) It gets darker – the border is black – and YouTube introduces it Ambient Mode (Opens in a new tab) To give videos a more enjoyable viewing experience. This feature adds a subtle hint of color based on the video you’re watching, and is designed to recreate how light exits a TV screen in a darkened room. Ambient mode is also coming to playlists in this update.

(Image credit: YouTube)

In addition to dimming the screen around the video, the focus is reduced on the text surrounding the video. The links in the description and buttons such as like and share are reformatted so that they do not attract attention on the video page. On the contrary, the subscribe button is redesigned to ensure that it stands out, encouraging you to subscribe when you come across engaging content.

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