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Will Amber Heard finally be removed from Aquaman 2?

TRubles behind the scenes with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Actress has become more and more popular lately Amber Heard was at the forefront. A few months ago, speculation started spreading that Emilia Clarkewho is preferred to play the role of Mira in the next part, was to take the star position.

These affirmations were given by torrent abd, a well-known and trustworthy personality frequently on YouTube. Abdul now provides evidence to support his claims after seeing that Amber Heard appears to have disappeared from the Aquaman 2 reshoot.

Abdul claims that everyone except Amber Heard is back on the set of Aquaman 2 for a new shoot. He described Mira’s new sequences, but could not say which actress was performing the role during the last round of filming. In addition, it is believed Discover Warner Bros. Hides the identity of the said actress.

Normally, statements like those made by Abdul frequently should be treated with suspicion, but in the past, the YouTube personality has been the subject of attention through the scoops he uses. For example, his advice that Ben Affleck He’ll be back as Batman proved in the Aquaman sequel from Back in July that he’s totally real.

Reasons behind the alleged removal of Amber Heard

Amber Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp File a lawsuit against her for 50 million dollars In defamation because of an opinion article that appeared in Washington Postt in December 2018.

Heard claimed her position in Aquaman 2 had been severely diminished before a jury found out in June that the actress had in fact been defamed. Pirates of the Caribbean the actor. Since then, various rumors have spread that the role of the actresses has been completely cut, although none of them have been proven.

Trailer for the new movie Hot take, a movie about Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard

Amber Heard had already made a reputation for herself prior to her previous engagement with Johnny Depp and the ongoing courtroom drama that followed propelled her into the spotlight.

She had a big role in drive angrily And the Stepfather In addition to playing Mera in the DC superhero movie. It remains to be seen if she will appear in Aquaman 2 or if her role is completely cancelled.


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