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Who Is Rapper Kosha Dillz, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Songs List, Net Worth, Kanye West Death Con Diss



Who is Kosha Dillz Jewish Rapper Claps Back at Kanye West With a Diss Track

Israeli-American rapper Kosha Dillz has been in the news because he recently released a diss track in retaliation to Kayne West’s recent anti-Semitic remarks, know his net worth and songs

Rapper Rami Even-Esh, a Jew performer who goes by the moniker Kosha Dillz, has released a song in retribution for Kanye West’s recent spate of antisemitic remarks.

Know Who Is Rapper Kosha Dillz, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Songs List, Net Worth, Kanye West Death Con Diss

The song, titled “Death Con 3,” was made public on Friday and alludes to a threat made by West, who now goes as Ye, against Jews earlier in the month.

Ye has recently made a number of antisemitic comments on social media and during news interviews, including threats to “death con 3 on Jewish people,” assertions that he is being pursued by a “Jewish underground media mafia,” and statements to the effect that “Jewish people have owned the Black voice.”

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It appears that the term “Death Con 3” was stolen to refer to the US military’s DEFCON 3 heightened alert posture. Even-Esh, a political slang that appears in the song, makes reference to antisemitism on both sides of the political spectrum.

Since then, Kosha Dillz has been the talk of the town with many people trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:

Who Is Kosha Dillz?

Kosha Dillz is a well-known Israeli-American rapper. He has been in the news because he recently released the diss song in retaliation to Kayne West’s recent anti-Semitic remarks.

His real name is Rami Matan Even-Esh. In Perth Amboy, New Jersey, he was born on August 26, 1981. His parents were born in Israel and belong to Kiryat Tiv’on, Israel. However, he was reared in Edison, New Jersey.

He rhymes in Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. He studied creative writing and participated on the wrestling team at Rutgers University, where he also graduated. He was a trumpeter in his younger years.

Currently, he is 41 years old.

His Career

Kosha Dillz first encountered hip hop at Bar Mitzvah dances. He initially started rapping when he was 17 years old. He even participated in the 1999 freestyle rap trend in his early years.

Then, he was actively involved in the Nuyorican Poets Café’s freestyle fight rap scene in New York City.  Kosha discovered his affinity for underground hip-hop culture the same year after going to see MF Doom perform at The Wetlands.

At first, he went by the stage name “Kosher Dill.” Soo, he changed his name to “KD Flow.”

In the year 2005, “Chainsaw Music,” his debut 12-inch, was released. The following year, he appeared on C-Rayz Walz’s song “Childhood” off the album “The Dropping.” After some time, he and C-Rayz released the album “Freestyle vs. Written.”

In 2009, Kosha Dillz released his debut solo “LP Beverly Dillz.” Soon after, he started working on “Kosha Dillz Is Everywhere,” a documentary that focused on his life as an Israeli-American Jewish hip-hop musician.

Later, he appeared as a character in “NBA 2K11,” a basketball video game. Along with this, a Bud Light advertisement that debuted at Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 included his song “Cellular Phone” as its main melody.

The second solo album of Kosha, “Awkward In a Good Way,” was released in 2013. Murs’ label, “Murs 316,” issued his second album. “What I Do All Way And Pickle,” the third album by Kosha, was released in July 2016.

In March 2020, Kosha Dillz collaborated with Kaskade on the single “Sexy.” In October 2020, he followed it up with the publication of his second album, “Nobody Cares Except You.” Later, in October 2021, during a Nor’easter in New York City, he gave a performance at a New York Knicks game.

Net Worth Of Kosha Dillz

He has a net worth of about $1 million.

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