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Who Is Elizabeth Turpin? Woman Kills Her Husband With Her Lesbian Lover Details Explained!

Currently, Elizabeth Turpin is trending on the internet. It is reported that she planned her husband’s murder with her lesbian partner. Now, the news has surfaced all over social media and has garnered the attention of many. People are discussing it and are sharing their respective opinions about the same. No one seems to believe the fact that a wife can go to such an extent to make remove her husband from her life after falling in love with someone the same gender as hers. Check further details of the same in the article below.

Who Is Elizabeth Turpin Woman Kills Her Husband With Her Lesbian Lover Details Explained!

According to the reports, Elizabeth Turpin, a Kentucky native, has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for murdering her husband Michael Turpin in 1986. She was reportedly in a relationship with her lesbian partner Karen Brown. Lexington Herald revealed the piece of information. Reports further claimed that Michael was attacked and stabbed 19 times. After stabbing the man to death, he was thrown into the pond at the Lakeside Golf Course in Lexington.

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Who Is Elizabeth Turpin?

The heinous crime was committed by Elizabeth Turpin and Karen Brown. However, the mastermind was Elizabeth herself as she wanted to live a peaceful life with her new partner without any interference from her husband. The investigation into the case soon began and it was discovered that apart from Elizabeth and Brown, one of their colleagues Keith Bouchard was also involved in the murder. All three of them were sentenced so they will remain incarcerated for the rest of the year.

However, Elizabeth and Brown were trying to leave but they were strongly opposed by Michael’s family at Monday’s hearing. Prosecutors further explained that Elizabeth Turpin convinced Bouchard and Brown to take the life of her husband so she could take $60,000 in life insurance. Turpin told the state officials that she was not trying to discourage the woman because she happened to be the dealer of her dose of the drug.

The investigation into the case is still reportedly ongoing as the officials are trying to collect evidence about how did the murder take place in the first place. Was it Elizabeth or her partner who killed Michael? What was the actual motive behind the killing? Well, these types of questions still remain unknown as the authorities are still ongoing with the investigation. However, our team is trying to fetch some information about it too. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more such kind of updates and the latest news.