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Trailer Watch: “Dream Life” Celebrates its 50th Anniversary with Restoration and U.S. Premiere

The first narrative feature helmed by a woman in Quebec is getting a 50th-anniversary restoration and making its U.S. premiere. Mireille Dansereau’s “Dream Life” (“La vie rêvée”), the story of two young women who become friends after meeting at a Montreal film production company, opens at New York City’s Metrograph November 4.

“All women are interested in is their feelings and their crotch,” we’re told in a new trailer for pic. In a snippet of another scene, a man cat-calling the women uses the word “whore” when his advances are ignored. The French-Canadian drama follows Isabelle (Liliane Lemaître-Auger) and Virginie (Véronique Le Flaguais), who share “their romantic fantasies and disillusions, and [set] out together to conduct a sort of field study in desire,” the film’s synopsis details. One of the women falls for a married man. “I hardly know him,” she admits. “It’s insane. I know.”

“Dream Life” was originally released in 1972.

Dansereau’s other credits include 1979’s “Heart Break” (“L’Arrache-coeur”) and 1987’s “Deaf to the City” (“Le Sourd dans la ville”).