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The original ‘Dark Souls’ servers aren’t coming back



Bandai Namco has announced that servers for the 2012 version of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition will not be re-instated on PC, due to “an aging system.”

In a tweet posted today (October 25), Bandai Namco shared that online services for Dark Souls 2 – specifically the game’s DirectX11 version – have been brought back online, with the DirextX9 version planned to be “made available at a later date.”

However, the studio went on to clarify that online features for the original PC port of Dark Souls will not be re-enabled.

“We have determined that we will not be able to support online services for the PC version of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition that was released in 2012, due to an aging system,” posted Bandai Namco.

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“We apologise for the long wait and ask for your understanding in this matter,” the studio continued. “Our sincere thanks to the people who have been playing Dark Souls since its launch.”

Dark Souls
Dark Souls. Credit: FromSoftware

While the sale of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition was phased out when the game was remastered in 2018, the newer version is also suffering from disabled multiplayer features. Addressing this, Bandai Namco shared that “work on the restoration of online services for the PC version of Dark Souls Remastered is still underway,” though did not provide a timeframe for when they would return.

Back in January, servers for the entire series were shut down for PC players, following reports of a critical hack that reportedly posed a security risk to Elden Ring players.

As servers for the third game returned in August, the series’ first game is the only title that is yet to have its multiplayer services restored.

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