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The Golden Spoon Kdrama Episode 11 Release Date And Time, Preview, Trailer, Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

Episode 11 of the popular ongoing South Korean television drama The Golden Spoon will air soon, know about the release date, time, and ep streaming details here

In the previous episode, we see that Seung-Cheon rejects Ju- hee’s interview much to Yeo-delight jin’s who is standing behind him. The pair depart after she warns Ju-hee to keep a distance from him. If you are also following the Korean series The Golden Spoon and are excited for episode 11, we have you covered here.

The Golden Spoon Kdrama Episode 11 Release Date And Time, Preview, Trailer And Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

Later, Lee Chul discovers the papers about the golden spoon and believes it to be a fabrication his son created due to their hardship. Meanwhile, Tae-Yong is out partying with his buddy and complaining about Hwang Tae-Yong. The following day, Ju-hee asks Young-sin to interview Seung-Cheon, while Hyun-do informs Jun-Tae and instructs him to repay the slush fund money.

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Ju-hee sneaks into Seung-Cheon’s room after her conversation with Young-shin to check for the jacket that Jun-tae had specified but instead discovers a locker that needs a code.

The Golden Spoon Episode 11 Release Date And Time

The release date of the South Korean drama The Golden Spoon Episode 11 is October 28, 2022. You can watch this episode at 9.50 pm KST on Friday.

  • Central Time: 7:50 AM  (October 29)
  • British Time: 1:50 PM  (October 28)
  • Eastern Time: 8:50 AM  (October 29)
  • Pacific Time: 5:50 AM  (October 28)
  • Philippine Time: 8:50 PM  (October 28)

Where Can You Watch Episode 11 Of This Kdrama?

Korean viewers can enjoy episode 11 on the MBC television network. International Fans can stream The Golden Spoon Episode 11 on Disney+ with English subtitles online.

While the family meet to discuss the wedding preparations, Seung-Cheon takes a detour to Yeo-jin’s home. During the lunch, Young-sin attempts to criticize Yeo-jin; nevertheless, Seung-Cheon supports her only to refer to it as respect for his business partner, irritating Yeo-jin.

Yeo-jin then recalls the final golden spoon rule, which states that anybody who uses the owner’s spoon to dine will inherit the owner’s memories. She awaits to play this secret card before Seung-Cheon causes her to lose her temper.

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