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The Cowboys’ defensive line got better thanks to the raiders



The Dallas Cowboys already had a strong passing rush, but their defense left a lot to be desired. Dan Quinn hopes their latest addition will fix that, thanks to the Raiders.

While the deadline to trade isn’t until November 1, it hasn’t stopped some teams from acting on their needs. This includes the Dallas Cowboys, who tackled Las Vegas Raiders defensive team Jonathan Hankins on Tuesday afternoon.

The full trade terms Below, thanks to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

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Football Highlights

DT, Jonathan Hankins

Seventh round selection

Raiders get

Sixth round selection

For a very limited amount of venture capital, Dallas was able to improve his rush defense and gain more depth between interventions.

NFL Trade Degrees: What does Jonathan Hankins’ trade mean to the Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys Grade: B-

There is a lot to like about this trade by cowboys. They surrendered almost nothing to Hankins, a former second-rounder who could immediately slip into a shutdown role in Dan Quinn’s defense. It’s a win for a team that doesn’t need all those many upgrades now that Dak Prescott is back in the fold.

Las Vegas Raiders Class: C

The Conquistadors knew they would gain nothing substantial to Hankins, who at this point is nothing more than a piece of depth in most defences. Even a late pick is a thing, and in theory Vegas will be moving into the NFL Draft round for next year. He’s definitely better than the alternative, which would have likely put Hankins on concessions and lose for absolutely nothing.

Hankins earns just under $650,000 a season, and will be a free agent this season. It’s a short-term rental for the Dallas team with post-season aspirations. Every player on the 53-man roster has a role, and that now includes Hankins, who must bring his big tire with him to help bridge the middle when necessary.