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Terrifier 2 is making a lot of money despite (or because of) reports of people getting thrown in theaters



terrifying 2 It is a sequel to the 2016 slasher horror film about a silent killer clown who wreaks bloody havoc on his victims. The previous movie also had a number of Excessive deaths That people can’t help but watch, this sequel has over two and a half hours of non-stop bloodshed to keep you amused and stomach sick. despite (or because of) Reports of fans vomiting in theaters While watching the slasher flick, terrifying 2 It makes excellent profits at the box office.

You might think that reports of a horror movie that literally makes people sick would turn people away from a stomachache movie. However, with Halloween approaching, fans are clearly looking for Next horror movie It would have a terrifying effect on them. disgusting mentioned terrifying 2Its box office performance rose 84% this past weekend after grossing an estimated $1.8 million two weeks after its October 6 release. With its third week in theaters approaching, terrifying 2 It grossed $5,256 million at the domestic box office.