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Savings! Why it’s the smartest thing to do.



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“Na who get money dey save”- Twitter Proverb
We couldn’t agree more with this quote, after all, you can’t save what you don’t have, can you?

The term savings is a word we’re all familiar with, dating back to the 16th century when it was carried out by African slaves to the Caribbean, and from there, eventually, by immigrants to most North American cities.

From Nigeria, savings clubs and doorstep savings collections with monthly payback (ajó), have spread over much of western and central Africa and beyond.

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There are many saving platforms existing right now, however, you can’t just go on any platform without being sure that it’s the right one for you and making sure that said platform knows what it is doing, can you now?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to brainstorm. We have the best option for you – Koins by Primera, a savings platform that lets you do more with your savings. With its user- friendly interface, easy sign-up, and privacy-conscious actions you’re assured of your money is safe and secure. If you ask me, nothing is as mind-relaxing as that, and with 5 easy steps, you’re ready to go.

Learning how to save money is an important life lesson that teaches us a number of things throughout our lives, such as how to gain financial freedom and Koins is committed to helping you reach those financial goals.

Koins allows you to set goals for specific things, so you can have saving goals geared towards traveling, school, rent, and even shopping; that way your savings are organized and propelled towards a decorum savings behavior.

I know that saving money is important, however, most of us are unable to save our hard-earned salaries as the idea of stashing away your cash doesn’t offer the sense of gratification that spending does.

However, one should approach the idea of saving with less complexity. Simply understand saving as setting aside money for future emergencies or purchases. From a literal standpoint, saving is opting for a soda today so you can buy champagne tomorrow.

Surely, having a safety net of savings has several other benefits than transforming sodas into expensive drinks. Such as being financially independent, debt- free, and much more.
You can start saving money by putting away as little as N1000 a week, and end up collecting over N364,000 across 52 weeks! That is more than enough to help you buy the latest phone or help start a small business, but saving requires financial discipline and planning.

By making a budget and following it to the end, we can reduce our living expenses and start saving more.

So, download the Koins app today and do more with your savings. The Koins app is available on Apple play store and Google play store.

... Savings! Why it’s the smartest thing to do. ... Nairametrics.