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Packers should do this trade after another attack hit hit

The Green Bay Packers offense has an injury that Allen Lazard can’t handle. In desperate need of wide receiver help, this is where Brian Gutkunst should be heading.

Green Bay’s offensive performance was poor, to say the least, during seven weeks of NFL football. So, what should be done about it?

One of the few targets Aaron Rodgers can count on is veteran Allen Lazard. Rodgers and Lazard played together for more than four seasons. While Lazard’s career best is 513 yards, in life after Davante Adams, he’s on pace to break that record in 2022.

And Lazard picked up a shoulder injury, both in practice and on Sunday against the leaders. Matt LaFleur commented on the prognosis and recovery time for one of his best symptoms.

“He hit his shoulder,” LaFleur said at his press conference Monday. “I’ll leave it that way, see how you feel over the course of the week.”

Packers need to be traded on a large scale. Why wasn’t Jerry Goody?

We’ve heard that Green Bay is connected to the likes of DJ Moore, Chase Claypool, Elijah Moore, and more. But should we look more closely at Denver?

Broncos season is about to happen, even with Russell Wilson on. The freshly made face of the Broncos franchise has been hurt at this point in the year, and Denver is sitting in the crowded AFC West basement. It might make sense to deal with Jody to get some draft capital, much of which they lost in their deal to Wilson.

Jeudy isn’t the only wide receiver available to grab the Broncos. KJ Hamler is also readily available. Liam McCuneney from The Big Lead He outlined the benefit of dealing with Jeudy, a former pick for the first round.

“The player who seems to have impressed the most is Jerry Judy. The former Alabama star has been a disappointment so far this season, scoring just 17 catches for 290 yards and two touchdowns. Drops have been a problem for Jody throughout his career, and this season he has only caught 47 in the cent of his goals, although that can largely be attributed to Wilson’s inaccuracy and general incompetence that currently plagues the offense.”

Jodi also has two more years left on his contract. It’s time for Gutekunst to pull the trigger.

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