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Obama pushes for more voting participation during Manningcast appearance



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Former President Obama calls for more voting participation during an appearance on Monday Night Football as November’s midterm election inches closer. 

During an appearance on ESPN’s “ManningCast,” a simulcast of the network’s “Monday Night Football” broadcast, NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning asked Obama, an avid Chicago sports fan, about the many ways citizens can register to vote for next month’s midterm elections. 

Obama, who recently won an Emmy award last month for his work narrating his production company, Higher Ground Productions,  Netflix series’ “Our Great National Parks,” has been cutting ads and hitting the campaign trail in the past few months in an effort to boost Democratic candidates ahead of the midterm election. 

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“Listen, every election is important in a democracy and regardless of where you stand on the issues, you taken 15-20 minutes out to let your voice be heard, makes a big difference,” Obama told Peyton, along with his brother, former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, on Monday’s simulcast, also noting various issues on voters minds during the election cycle. 

“And you’ve got all kinds of issues from jobs, the economy, climate change, you name it, that is essentially on the ballot,” Obama added. “If you’re deciding who’s going to speak for you and you should make sure that somebody actually cares about you.” 

Obama also urged viewers to register to vote online through the Democratic National Committee (DNC)’s voting registration initiative and shared that he and his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama already voted in their home state of Illinois. 

“You have mail-in voting, or you can go on Election Day on November 8, but the key thing is you know, don’t let…don’t pass up the opportunity to participate,” Obama told the Manning brothers. “Because, you know, if you’re unhappy with how things are, the good news is the way our system set up, you can actually bring about some change.” 

Obama’s remarks come as November’s midterm elections approach as both Democrats and Republicans look to gain majority control of the House and Senate chambers. 

Obama also said during his appearance on the popular simulcast that he sees similarities in the way how the national media covers national politics and professional sports, adding that media outlets are looking for more “clickbait” articles to stir up more controversy and attention.