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la the least safe state in America

(KLFY) – If you’re feeling particularly threatened these days if you live in Louisiana, your fears aren’t entirely unfounded.

Personal finance website WalletHub listed Louisiana at the bottom of its study titled 2022’s Safest States in America.

According to Walgreens, Louisiana has the highest flu activity in the country

WalletHub compared the 50 states across 53 key actions in calendar year 2022. The dataset ranges from percentage of residents fully vaccinated to attacks per capita to unemployment rate.

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The study found the state ranked last in the country in homicides and non-negligent manslaughter per capita, 46th in deaths per vehicle miles, and 46th in assault per capita and most recently in the amounts lost from climate disasters per capita, among other metrics.

The study also ranks Louisiana 47th in the country in terms of the percentage of residents fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Adam McCann, author of the study, said COVID remains a major threat to Americans’ safety.

“Although vaccines have greatly reduced this threat in 2022, there were still over 204,000 deaths from COVID-19 this year,” McCann said. “To put that in perspective, that’s several times the number of motor vehicle deaths (21,000) and non-suicidal gun-related deaths (15,200) in 2022 combined.”

The study also ranked Louisiana 49th in the country for emergency preparedness and 48th for financial security.

Rebecca A. Rouse, associate program director for emergency and safety studies at Tulane University, said reducing financial risk can go a long way in making people feel safer overall.

“The internet offers a lot of free, easily digestible and comprehensive financial advice and tools, and any financial education or education is valuable in enhancing our resilience before, during and after a crisis or disaster,” Rouse said. “Financially conscious people look for fair deals and make sure they have adequate insurance without being over-insured. They reduce or avoid unnecessary debt, so their creditworthiness is improved to buy safe houses or transportation, and they have credit after a disaster.”

Vermont was ranked the safest state in the country in the study, followed by Maine, New Hampshire and Utah. Mississippi was listed as the second safest state in the study, followed by Arkansas, Texas and Alabama.