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‘King Kylie is back and better’ as she flaunts body in tight cycling shorts



“King Kylie,” AKA Kylie Jenner, is officially “back and better” after she posted a photo in a revealing top and shorts set on Instagram. She was showing off a new Kylie Cosmetics lip duo, but fans were more distracted by the fit.

Several Kardashian fans are now asking exactly what King Kylie is, which originated from back in 2015 when she changed her profile name in an act of dedication to her then-boyfriend and musician Tyga, Heat World reports.

Following her Instagram post wearing a pair of tight white cycling shorts, everyone is commenting that King Kylie has officially made a comeback. It’s kind of a you had to be there moment, but let’s look at what’s going on today.

Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Kylie posts pic in cycling shorts

Kylie shared a series of pictures on her own Instagram account which consisted of mirror selfies while stood in front of her staircase. In the background, you can see lots of black and white snaps in frames on the walls.

Football Highlights

Then, over on Kylie Cosmetics, she wears a deep red lipliner and gloss combo as part of her brand’s new launch. She is seen wearing her hair up, bending down slightly, in a black leather jacket and matching white top and shorts.

The Kardashians star is wearing a Leo Liner and @ultabeauty Rosé & Chill plumping gloss. In a separate video, Kylie showed fans how to apply the combo she is wearing, describing the items as “so pretty”.

What is ‘King Kylie’?

King Kylie is a term that she called herself in 2015, when she changed her Instagram name. It was the same year that her following count rapidly increased and she became the most popular account on video app Snapchat.

During the same year, she received her first invite to the Met Gala in 2016 at the age of 18 and was dating Tyga. Even Kim Kardashian expressed fear Kylie was about to “dethrone” her, as revealed on her app, Teen Vogue reports.

Her then-boyfriend Tyga called himself King Gold Chains on social media at the time, and has a son called King. Therefore, it was thought to be an act of dedication to him, but the phrase has simply stuck with Kylie ever since.

Fans say King Kylie is ‘back and better’

Since Kylie posted her latest update on October 24th, fans have been calling her “King Kylie” again despite not having changed her name to the former IG handle she called herself.

One follower wrote: “KING KYLIE IS BACK.”

Another penned: “King Kylie is back and better.” This comment received the response, “The air is like 2016 again.”

Even YouTube star Daniela Legarda joined in with the “King Kylie” comments, with many others calling her the “IT girl”, as well as “iconic” and “so pretty” following her recent Instagram post.

Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage



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