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How to Forward Hotmail Email to a Different Account

It sends emails robotically from one account to a totally different. Every time a model new e-mail comes into your Hotmail account (or one other Microsoft e-mail account that you just use by, it’s despatched to that take care of. when you occur to don’t want to log into your Hotmail account or one different e-mail account to look at for messages, that’s what it’s finest to do.

Forward Windows Live Hotmail Email to a Different Email Account

You can forward your Hotmail emails to a totally different e-mail take care of by Outlook Mail. Windows Live Hotmail is a a part of, so that’s how you’re able to do it In order to get these emails, chances are you’ll forward them to your Gmail or Yahoo, or one different e-mail account. You nonetheless get the messages, nonetheless you don’t ought to look at your totally different e-mail accounts on a common foundation.


People who want to skip among the many steps that adjust to can go straight to the Outlook selections.

These steps will current you one of the simplest ways to forward your Windows Live Hotmail to a totally different e-mail account.

  1. Outlook Mail permits you to log in to your e-mail.
  2. Select the Settings menu icon (it’s on the exact aspect of the menu bar and seems like a gear). You can change the settings for the app.
  3. Choose View all Outlook settings.
  4. Go to Mail > Forwarding.
  5. The Enable forwarding look at area ought to be checked off.
  6. It’s inside the “Forward my email to” self-discipline. Type the e-mail take care of you want messages to go to.
  7. Select Save to substantiate the modifications.


To maintain your Microsoft e-mail account from being marked as inactive after which deleted, it’s finest to look at it often.