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Haunted History: Betsy Ross House highlights the gruesome realities of living in 18th century

PHILADELPHIA — The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia is celebrating the spooky season by hosting candle-lit tours that shed light on the ghastly conditions many had to face in the 18th century.

This was during the time period in which Betsy Ross was commissioned by General George Washington to create the very first American Flag.

During her life, Betsy was married three times.

She lost her first husband during the war and her second husband was captured by the British. She married her third husband, John Claypoole and it was her longest marriage.

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Visitors can see Betsy’s grave, next to Claypoole’s, at The Betsy Ross House, which is her third and final resting place.

The home is also the death site of Charles Henry Weisgerber, an artist who is famously known for the painting ‘The Birth of Our Nation’ and for preserving Betsy’s home for all to enjoy today.