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Fabula drives Carlos Taipo to Helm’s Mexico City headquarters, and builds the team

in the 20The tenth Morelia Film Festival For the first feature film to be produced in Mexico, brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larren of Chile, Fabula, have announced the official opening of a production office in the Mexican city with Carlos Taipo at the helm. Fabula has also appointed Eduardo Castro as its producer, Enrique Ochoa as deputy chief financial officer, and Daniela Amoros as director of human resources.

“In all, we will have up to 18 employees along with additional hires on a per-project basis,” said producer Juan de Dios, who noted that Fabola was interested in generating content that depicted the idiosyncrasies and imaginations of Latin America. Reveal our identity from our perspective and challenges.”

Taibo, who began his new role in December, has been unit production director on big titles like “Elysium,” “The Arrival,” “Man on Fire” and the highest-grossing Spanish-language film worldwide, “Instructions Not Included.” He was also an executive producer on Issa Lopez’s hit movie “Tigers Are Not Afraid”.

Creative development from Chile will continue under the coordination of Fabula’s Regional Television Director Angela Poblet and the Film’s Regional Director, Rocio Gado. They both have creative teams with Chilean and Mexican professionals.

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“Mexico is a place where we can create global stories in our language,” said director and producer Pablo Larren whose latest film “El Conde” has now been released and the upcoming high-profile project, “Maria,” stars Angelina Jolie as famous opera singer Maria Callas.

“There is a lot we can say,” he said, “more content that can be created and being here in Mexico will help us achieve that,” diverse.

Juan de Dios said Fabula hopes to take advantage of the public and private funds available in Mexico. They emphasized that the company intends to work with a diverse group of voices, develop new talent and generate expertise that will eventually lead to the consolidation of the Latin American industry. Such a move is crucial given the spread of content around the world.

The news comes as production begins for the second season of their first TV series Made in Mexico, the beauty pageant thriller “Señorita 89.”

In February next year, another Fabula project in Mexico, “Midnight Family,” a 10-part medical TV drama series inspired by the award-winning documentary of the same name, will be broadcast on AppleTV, the first Spanish-language television series. Natalia Berstein (“The Mosquito Coast” and “Luis Miguel: The Series”) serves as presenter and director.

With Lucia Puenzo returning as a show host, the second season of Fremantle-Fábula’s production of “Señorita 89” began filming October 17 in Mexico with Dolores Heredia and Yoshira Escárrega joining the cast as a regular.

Last year, COVID-19 restrictions made Fabula film “El Refugio” in Chile even though it is set in Mexico. Directed by Pablo Frendic, he debuted in both Latin America and Spain on Starzplay this past June.

Complementing the outpost in Mexico is Fabula’s Los Angeles offices led by Andrew Hevia. The fast-growing production company now relies on a global team of 75 people including producers, creators and administrative staff.