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Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle Reveals She Is Partly Nigerian

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has revealed that she is partly Nigerian.

Making this disclosure in the last episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan detailed that she did a genealogy test, which found she is 43 percent Nigerian.

Meghan Markle stated that she was “very delighted to sit down” with Nigerian-American comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, host of the Showtime program Ziwe, to share the revelation.

“I just got my genealogy done a couple of years ago, I’m 43 percent Nigerian,” she said.

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“I’m going to start digging more into all this, because anyone that I’ve told, especially Nigerian women, is significant for our community,” she said.

Meghan being 43 percent Nigerian, going by the ancestry test she took, is “massive” for the Nigerian community, according to  Fumudoh.

Her quest to connect with her Nigerian heritage comes just a year after former World Boxing Champion Deontay Wilder revealed that he has ancestors from Edo State, Nigeria.

Wilder, who has never visited Nigeria, has expressed a desire to return to Edo state to learn more about his ancestors.