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Does the Surface Laptop 5 have good battery life?



Battery life is one of the most important things in any new laptop. You don’t want to be plugged into a USB-C outlet or power bank all day. You’ll want to live a charger-free life. So, if the Surface Laptop 5 is on your list of laptops to buy, you might be wondering does the Surface Laptop 5 have good battery life? Well, the answer to this question is yes, it is. Battery life on the Surface Laptop 5 for what Microsoft calls “typical device use” is rated at 18 hours on the 13.5-inch model and 17 hours on the 15-inch model.

In this guide, we’ll dig deeper into the battery life of the Surface Laptop 5. We’ll take a look at the technical side of it and help you understand how you can get the most out of your battery on your new Surface device.

The technical side and realistic Surface Laptop 5 battery life

For reference before we dig deeper, last year’s Surface Laptop 4 was rated at 17 hours of battery life for 13.5-inch models with an Intel CPU. The Surface Laptop 4 15″ with Intel CPU is rated for 16.5 hours of battery life. In our review of the Surface Laptop 4, we hit 8 hours of daily use with the 13.5-inch Intel model. This means that on paper, battery life is improved between generations with the Surface Laptop 5 versus the Surface Laptop 4, but in our real-world tests with the new Surface Laptop 5, it came out to be roughly the same.

Anyway, there are three things to consider with the Surface Laptop 5’s battery. The first is the battery size, in watt-hours (Wh,) and then the second is the size of the device you choose. The third is how you end up using your laptop (we have an example from our review period.) That will be our focus here on why the Surface Laptop 5 has such good battery life.

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In the first part of things, unlike other laptops on the market, both the 13-inch and 15-inch Surface Laptop 5 share the same 47.4Wh battery capacity, the same as last year’s Surface Laptop 4 model. For reference, the XPS 13 Plus 13-inch has a 55Wh battery, while the 15-inch XPS 15 has a more powerful 86Whr battery (although it does have a dedicated GPU). Either way, the battery in the Surface Laptop 5 is the typical size of what you’d find on high-yield laptops. Microsoft will likely choose this size to help keep the weight of the device down a bit. A bigger battery means more weight, but a smaller battery means less battery life.

Then, with the size differences on the Surface Laptop 5, you have to keep in mind that the 13-inch model will end up having better battery life. We say that because the screen has a lower resolution at 2256 x 1504. On the 15-inch model, it’s a little higher at 2496 x 1664. Pushing those extra pixels means the 15-inch Surface Laptop 5 will be a bit behind in battery life. That’s why Microsoft rated the 15-inch model with one hour less battery life than the 13-inch model.

The last thing to consider is how you end up using the Surface Laptop 5. In our review period with the 15-inch model, we got between 5 hours, 6 hours, and 50 minutes of total use before needing a recharge. This is the same as what we got with the Surface Laptop 4. This year for everyday use, with web browsing as well as productivity tasks. As you can tell, it’s far from Microsoft’s actual estimate, but everyone uses a laptop differently. If your screen is always at high brightness and you’re doing CPU-intensive tasks like photo editing or light gaming, you won’t get the best battery life. If you adjust brightness settings and use Windows 11 power settings to recommend, you will likely end up getting more than that.

Explaining all this, if you are now feeling confident and want to buy a Surface Laptop 5, you can use the link below. However, there are other options, as some of the other Surface devices we’ve reviewed can get much better battery life.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5
Front view of the Surface Laptop 5

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 gets a total of 17 hours of battery life on the 15-inch model and 18 hours on the 13-inch model. Results may vary, but this is still a great laptop.