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Does Surface Laptop 5 have a good warranty?

There comes a time when you own a laptop that you may want to use the warranty. While warranties don’t usually cover your fault issues like physical damage, it’s a good idea to have them if you have a problem with a product that’s not yours. So, are you wondering if your Surface Laptop 5 has a good warranty? The good news is that it does, as required by laws in the United States. It’s just a one-year limited hardware warranty, plus 90 days of technical support. We have details on that in this guide.

What is the Surface Laptop 5 warranty?

The warranty on the Surface Laptop 5 is the same as that of any other Surface device sold by Microsoft. If you buy one directly from Microsoft or other authorized retailers, you will get it automatically. As we said at the top of this article, though, the . file The warranty does not cover problems you create. Let’s say if you drop your Surface Laptop 5 and break the trackpad or damage the keyboard, it’s not covered by the warranty. What does the device cover? These are issues caused by manufacturing or hardware defects that weren’t your fault. Let’s say there’s a webcam problem or a scratch on the end of the device that you notice while you’re taking it out of the box. Plus, you’ll also get 90 days of phone support, should something go wrong, or you need help with Windows. Microsoft Full Warranty Terms Available online.

Expand your warranty with Microsoft Complete

The advantage of purchasing a Surface Laptop 5 from Microsoft is that you get the option to add Microsoft Complete. This is a separate protection plan in addition to the one-year Microsoft Embedded Limited Warranty. This covers things that are actually your fault, like if you actually end up jailbreaking your Surface Laptop 5. The price on the software is $149 in the US, and your Surface will be covered for four years under the plan. Packages are available through Microsoft where you can get a cheaper plan. Full terms can be found at Microsoft site.

That’s all we have to say about the Surface Laptop 5’s warranty. As you can tell, it’s simple and standard. You can also purchase a protection plan if needed, to help protect against accidents.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 5
The Surface Laptop 5 has a sleek design, runs Windows 11, and has a touchscreen.  It does feature some old ports, but it's one of the best Windows laptops on the market right now.
Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

Surface Laptop 5 comes with a one-year limited warranty. It’s Microsoft’s latest flagship Surface device with 12th generation Intel CPUs.