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Concerns about Katy Perry’s condition after what happened at her last concert

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KAtti Perry turned 38 and a few hours ago a video of her at prom went viral. Pictures from the concert surfaced that raised alarm, leaving fans wondering if she was okay and what was wrong with the artist’s right eye.

Everything seemed to indicate that it was a health issue and the theories didn’t take long to pop up in all social networks. In the video, the camera focuses on the singer’s face and she appears to be losing control of her eye. Her eyelid closes and stays shut and Katie Calmy tries to do something about it, but her efforts are futile because it remains closed.

Katy Perry lasted for several seconds trying to solve the problem as she stretched her eyelid.

Facial paralysis, stroke, as a result of a vaccine or even a clone were all theories seen on social networks, but other possible theories are possible blepharospasm. Spasm of the eyelid muscle may be caused by Bell’s palsy.”

However, the singer admitted in 2016 that she suffered from lazy right eye or ‘twitching eye’ after receiving an award, which could explain the events of the concert.


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