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Champions League has been ‘cruel’ to Barcelona-Xavi

  • Barcelona is on the verge of UCL exit
  • Xavi hopes for a miracle
  • Responded to Mourinho’s ‘failed sharks’

In light of Barcelona’s impending group stage elimination for the second straight year, Xavi Hernandez believes the Champions League has been “cruel” to them.

Football Highlights

After drawing with Inter on matchday four, Barcelona is in danger of losing the Champions League. No matter what happened in their match against Bayern Munich, the Italians would advance at the cost of the Serie A team if they defeated Viktoria Plzen on Wednesday. Xavi believes that considering their performances, Barcelona should have received more in the Champions League. He knows that only a miracle can heal their skin, but he isn’t giving up hope.

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“We need more than a miracle, we have a small hope, although we are in a very uncomfortable situation. In football, sometimes the one who deserved it doesn’t always win,” the manager said.

“Hope is the last thing to be lost. The misfortune is that we aren’t dependent on ourselves anymore. The Champions League has been cruel to us this year,” he added.

Responded to Mourinho’s ‘failed sharks’

The manager of Roma, Jose Mourinho, called Barcelona “failed sharks of the Champions League” because they could play against his team in the Europa League. When Mourinho retaliated, Xavi said: “I won’t say anything to Mourinho. We’ll strive to compete to win the Europa League if we have to play in it.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO BARCELONA? On Wednesday, the Blaugrana will play Bayern Munich at Camp Nou and will be hoping that Viktoria Plzen defeats Inter in Milan to stay in the competition.