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Carlos Slim Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Biography, Relationship, Career, Cars, Awards, Net worth & many more

Carlos Slim net worth is $82 billion. Carlos Slim surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world. Some of you will recall that he had the title of the richest man in the world just five years ago. He held that position for about one and a half years, and in recent days, he has climbed to the top 10 richest men on the planet list.

Carlos Slim Net Worth 2022
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It’s fairly easy to understand why this is. His fortune has not at all lessened in any way. But the reality is that other people’s wealth has grown quickly. He is still Mexico’s richest person.

Carlos Slim received a $ 2 Billion dividend from his company last year. He is regarded as a quiet investor in America’s huge corporation although his primary operation is exclusively in Mexico. It is said of him that in 2014 he saved the New York Times, one of America’s most well-known publications. Additionally, it is alleged of him that he is a minor partner in Waffet’s business. He just began operating his mobile business in numerous nations in Asia and Africa in addition to North America.

Net Worth:$82 Billion
Name:Carlos Slim
Salary:$4 Billion +
Monthly Income:$360 Million +
Date of Birth:January 28, 1940
Height:1.73 m. (5’ 8”)
Profession:Mexican Business Magnate

Carlos Slim Net Worth

Carlos Slim Net Worth
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Carlos Slim, a Mexican business tycoon who is regarded as the best in the world, is worth $82 billion. Various online sources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB) indicate that the most well-known Mexican businessman

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Carlos Slim was the first person from a developing nation to hold the title of the richest man in the world, which you might not be aware of. You are aware of him as a Mexican citizen, but did you also know that his ancestors were from Lebanon? In the Mexican media, Carlos Slim is frequently praised while also being the subject of some controversy. The primary point of contention is that it is claimed about him that when the Mexican government implemented the privatization program, he acquired numerous government firms at discount rates and as a result, he rose to become the richest man not only in Mexico but also in the entire world.

Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

Carlos Slim Net Worth Growth

Carlos Slim Net Worth Growth
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Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2022$82 Billion
Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2021$78 Billion
Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2020$74 Billion
Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2019$70 Billion
Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2018$66 Billion
Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2017$62 Billion

Carlos Slim Biography

Carlos Slim Biography
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

With more than 200 million users across 11 countries, Carlos Slim Mobile Company is one of the biggest mobile service providers. You only know him from the mobile company, I suppose. Carlos Slim is the owner of 200 or so businesses. Carlos Slim will either respond with “football” or “boxing” as his preferred sport if you ask the average Mexican what it is. In contrast, Slim. Baseball, a sport primarily practiced in America, is his all-time favorite. He also goes by the name Monopoly Man.

Carlos Slim just paid around $4 billion to acquire the biggest cellphone provider in Africa. It is estimated that the value of his home in Mexico City is over $25 million. Carlos Slim also reportedly has a mansion in Los Angeles that is estimated to be valued at over $50 million. Carlos Slim’s home is said to be among the most expensive ones in Los Angeles.

Real NameCarlos Slim Helú
Nick Name:Carlos Slim
Birth Place:Mexico City, Mexico
Date Of Birth/Birthday:28 January 1940
Age/How Old:82 years old
Social MediaInstagram
Height/How Tall:In Centimeter’s – 173 cm In Feet and Inches – 5′ 8″
Weight:In Kilograms – 90 kg In Pounds – 198 lbs.
Eye Colour:Black
Hair Colour:Black
College:National Autonomous University of Mexico
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Kids/Children Name:Yes (Carlos, Johana, Patrick, Marco, Vanessa, Soumaya)
Profession:Mexican business magnate
Net Worth:$82 Billion

Carlos Slim Early Life

Carlos Slim Early Life
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

On January 28, 1940, Carlos Slim Helu and his five siblings were born to Lebanese parents in Mexico City, Mexico. All of Carlos Slim’s children learned about business from a young age thanks to their wealthy businessman father. Carlos Slim had already invested in shares of a national bank when he was just 12 years old. Carlos Slim carried on working for his father’s company after his father’s passing in 1953 until he was 17. Carlos Slim enrolled at Mexico’s National Autonomous University to study civil engineering. Even though he was taught algebra and linear programming while still in school, he entered the business world right after graduating.

Carlos Slim Career

Carlos Slim Career
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

Carlos Slim started his career by opening his brokerage after years of business training from his father. Carlos Slim would engage in small, one-man operations, and by 1965, Carlos Slim’s company had expanded to the point where he could absorb other enterprises or even acquire them outright. Even while he did invest in a wide range of enterprises, his primary areas of interest were mining, real estate, and construction. By 1966, his net worth was estimated to be approximately $40 million.

Carlos Slim kept making investments with his money, and by 1980 he had consolidated his holdings into a holding company known as “Grupo Galas.” The Mexican economy suffered considerably in 1982 due to the sharp decline in oil prices. This prompted him to increase his holdings and make investments in foreign firms, and he soon owned a 50% stake in “The Hershey Company.” In 1990, he persisted in expanding his influence over telephone service providers with the expectation of eventually owning the government-owned Telmex phone company in Mexico.

 After acquiring the business, he quickly created a US equivalent of “Telmex” and even invested in the American mobile carrier “Tracfone.” After having heart surgery, he started delegating part of his everyday tasks to his kids and stepped back from the business world. Carlos Slim kept making investments in some of the largest corporations in the world in the 2000s, such as “The New York Times Company,” “Volaris,” “Saks Fifth Avenue,” and “Telekom Austria.” The largest individual stakeholder of “The New York Times Company” by January 2015 was Carlos Slim Helu.

Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

Carlos Slim Relationship & More

Carlos Slim Relationship & more
Image Credit- Vanity Fair
AffairsNot know
GirlfriendNot know
Best FriendNot know
SpouseSoumaya Domit Gemayel (m. 1967–1999)
DivorceSoumaya Domit Gemayel (1999)
ChildrenYes (Carlos, Johana, Patrick, Marco, Vanessa, Soumaya)
FatherJulián Slim Haddad
MotherLinda Helú Atta
Siblings  Yes (5) (Julian Slim), (Linda Slim), (Nour Slim), (Jose Slim), (Alam Slim)

Carlos Slim House

Carlos Slim House
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

Carlos Slim lives a different lifestyle than most other millionaires. Carlos Slim has lived in a single-person house for four years and counting, as opposed to making extravagant acquisitions and flamboyant home improvements. The home is located in Lomas de Chapultepec, a neighborhood of Mexico City that serves as a retreat for the country’s financial elite. Only three miles separate his home office from the house. And even though kidnappings are common in Mexico, Carlos Slim still drives himself to work.

The interior of Carlos Slim’s six-bedroom building is simplistically detailed with brilliant colors gracing the walls and doors. The lighting from the lovely chandeliers brings forth a beige tone. The exterior walls are also similarly painted with brilliant colors.

The landscape layout was created to suit the mogul’s preferences. Carlos Slim likes extra-large spaces, therefore the compound has gorgeous gardens that also serve as a source of flowers for the interior ambient mood. Returning to the inside once more, the furnishings are all beautiful and sophisticated but, strangely, do not reflect the enormous riches of the owners. Numerous areas of the walls and desks are decorated with customary religious artifacts.

Carlos Slim Cars    

Carlos Slim Cars
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

Carlos Slim’s regular automobile is a custom Mercedes 4×4, which he likes to drive by himself even by heavy Mexico City site visitors. He, nevertheless, owns some different luxurious rides, together with a beefed-up Chevy Suburban, which he drives for extra rugged events. Although he dislikes using personal jets, Slim sometimes flies on business airplanes, and generally, he rides in the Telmex helicopter.

·        An auto Bentley Continental Flying Spur,

·        A luxurious Navy Mercedes 4×4

·        A Maybach Guard,

·        A Cadillac 1941

Some Unknown Facts about Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim Facts
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

· Carlos Slim takes great care of his health. Carlos Slim eats food before 9 at the night.

·        Carlos Slim is very fond of playing volleyball and tennis.

·        Carlos Slim loves watching football.

·        Carlos Slim himself has said that his crush is Carlos Slim whom he has loved since childhood.

·        Latin Trade Magazine, CEO of the Year, 2003

·        Latin Trade Magazine, CEO of the Decade, 2004

·        Mexico’s Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneurial Merit Medal of Honor, 1985

·        Hispanic Society of America, Sorolla Medal, 2011

Highlight Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim Highlight
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Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

·  Carlos Slim is the richest person in Mexico, with a net worth of $82 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

·  The 80-year-old Mexican billionaire controls America Movil, the largest mobile-phone operator in Latin America, and holds stakes in several other publicly traded companies, including The New York Times.

· Carlos Slim also owns Sears Mexico, which has been growing and opening up new stores despite the chain filing for bankruptcy in the US.

·  Slim lives a surprisingly frugal lifestyle for a billionaire: He doesn’t own any yachts or planes and he’s lived in the same house for more than 40 years.

·  Carlos Slim Helu – Mexico’s wealthiest man- is one of the richest self-made billionaires in the world.

· Carlos Slim’s influence is far-reaching in Mexico and abroad. Bloomberg estimates Carlos Slim’s net worth to be at least $82 billion.

· But, considering he’s involved in hundreds of companies in Mexico, which is also known as “Slimlandia,” Carlos Slim flies under the radar more than you might expect.

· Despite his wealth, Carlos Slim lives a relatively frugal lifestyle he’s lived in the same six-bedroom house for more than 40 years.

Carlos Slim| Net Worth| Lifestyle| Car| Assets| Family| Early Life

Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion

Frequently asked questions about Carlos Slim

What is the net worth of Carlos Slim?

Carlos Slim’s total net worth is around $82 Billion.

What is the age of Carlos Slim?

Currently Carlos Slim is 82 years old (28 January 1940).

What is the Salary of Carlos Slim?

Carlos Slim earns an estimated salary of $4 Billion per Year.

What is the Height of Carlos Slim?

The Height of Carlos Slim is 1.73m. (5’ 8”).

What is the name of Carlos Slim’s wife?

Carlos Slim’s wife’s name is Soumaya Domit Gemayel (m. 1967–1999).

How old is Carlos Slim?

Carlos Slim Helu was born on January 28, 1940, and is currently 82 years old.

How tall is Carlos Slim?

Carlos Slim Helu’s height is 1.73 m, which is equal to 5 ft 8 in.


Carlos Slim Net worth is $82 Billion. Carlos Slim is one of the wealthiest men in the world and has spent nearly his entire lifetime in the business industry. Having made his first investment at the age of 12, he now is a multi-billionaire who owns stakes in some of the biggest companies in the world.

Carlos Slim Net Worth is $82 Billion