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Apple iWork updates introduce Collaboration, new activity view, and more

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 16.1And the iPadOS 16.1And the macOS Ventura to the public. Typically, when a company releases major OS updates, it also releases new versions of its iWork apps to support the latest APIs and features. This version is no different — the company just rolled out version 12.2 of the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. They offer some very welcome additions, including support for iOS 16’s Collaboration API and more.


As highlights of Apple’s official changelog for Pages, the app now supports instant collaboration through iMessage or FaceTime. With the company now focusing on collaborative features, it has also introduced a new Activity view to see recent changes made by people who have access to a particular document. Likewise, you receive a notification when someone joins or edits your shared documents to make the process more transparent.

Apart from that, Apple has introduced a new template for Blank Layout, further enriching the existing template library. This is in addition to exclusive iPadOS 16 features, such as Stage Manager support and the ability to customize the toolbar. You can read the full release notes in the changelog below.


Similar to Pages, Numbers 12.2 adds support for the same iPad-centric collaboration and extension features. In this version users also get new functions including: BITAND, BITOR, BITXOR, BITLSHIFT, BITRSHIFT, ISOWEEKNUM, CONCAT, TEXTJOIN and SWITCH. This update also enables users to further customize the charts using controls that were absent. The full changelog below explains everything the new Numbers 12.2 has to offer.

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In the Keynote 12.2 section, users are expected to get the same features of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Apart from that, Keynotes doesn’t get many unique additions. It’s mostly the same changes Apple made in Pages and Numbers with its 12.2 updates. Here is a list of the changes that Keynote 12.2 brings.

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