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Anthony Rizzo made the Yankees lose ALCS even more

The Houston Astros swept the New York Yankees into the ALCS, and Anthony Rizzo made the loss even more painful.

The New York Yankees are missing out on the World Championship again after not having appeared since 2009. As if that wasn’t painful enough, it’s possible that they’re on the verge of losing some stars in the midst of it all.

Jim Bowden from The Athletic It is said common“Anthony Rizzo is expected to opt out of a $16 million player option for 2023, so first base must be addressed. The Yankees are expected to exercise Luis Severino’s $15 million right-hand option.”

Aaron Judge didn’t do as well in ...-season as he did in the regular season, and Rizzo took the slack off well with Harrison Bader. During ...-season, Rizzo led the team in RBIs (8) and base percentages (.432). He also had the third-best average hit (.276), the second-best slowdown (.552) and OPS (.984). He came behind Badr in most areas, and was above the judge in a good number of statistical categories.

As the Yanks try to make up for their poor playoff performance this season, they may fall back in the lead before moving forward.

The Yankees may face more problems this season

Badr was a solid pickup mid-season. He has produced the best post-season numbers for the Yanks, and fortunately he’s bound to sign until next season. However, after him, some New York players may be out the door which will set the team back.

Judge, though unfavorable in ...season, was one of the most reliable hitters in baseball during the regular season. He broke the one-season home AL record set in 1961 and achieved the best of his career, cutting .311/.425/.686 for an OPS from 1.111. He’s hitting free agency in 2023, and there’s no guarantee New York will keep him.

The Yankees may also lose Matt Carpenter and Andrew Benintende to free agency, which would eliminate a significant portion of the talent from the roster. If they lose these players, they may have to prepare for off-season spending to fill in the gaps that will be left.

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