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A bloody war over a thousand years stirs terror with the true power of the Quincy



bleach thousand year blood war quilge opie vollstandig

Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War revealed that the new enemies attacking Ichigo Kurosaki and the others are actually Queensies, and the most recent episode showed just how terrifying a group they really can be! The final arc of the original manga series for Tite Kubo began with a surprise attack on the Soul Society of a mysterious enemy who has the ability to steal Bankai. Taking this to the next level is the fact that this group also invaded Hueco Mundo and quickly eliminated the main Espada there. But this was just the beginning of what to expect.

With the previous episode ending with Ichigo starting his first fight with one of these Quincies, the newer episode confirms that this is the case where Ichigo quickly discovers that they move much the same way as Uryu Ishiha moves. But these new Quincies are a lot different than Uryu ever was thanks to the advent of her complete transformation known as “Voll Stern Dich” (or “Vollstandig” from the original translations of the English manga). This gives the first enemy a new kind of terrifying power.

What is the strength of Full Stern Ditch?

Quilge Opie begins his fight with Ichigo in Episode 3 of the series, and through the fight remains confident that none of Ichigo’s attacks will close the gap in their strength and abilities. It soon turns out that his confidence comes from a very real place as he is able to take advantage of both the Reishi within Hueco Mundo and the people in him when he uses his attacks. Unleashing a Voll Stern Dich takes this to the next level as he acts like a Void that not only steals strength, but changes Opie’s shape as a result as well.

Taking on an even more brutal appearance as he absorbs Tres Bestias’ combined powers, Opie becomes much stronger and harder to remove. Ichigo is up to the challenge, of course, but this is just a showcase of the kinds of terrifying powers the Quincies have at their disposal and it will only be the first of many wildly intimidating transformations and abilities we’ll see over the course of the final arc.

How do you feel about seeing the Quincies’ Voll Stern Dich finally come to life in the anime? Excited to see more of these powers in the upcoming episodes? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all the moving stuff and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!


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