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How to earn respect at work and position yourself for a promotion

Financial security and job satisfaction take the lead when it comes to the factors that make a happy life. One is often a result of the other. Ergo, you derive more satisfaction when a job pays well, and a job pays well when you enjoy doing it and get good at it. 

The job you have might not be the one you imagined for yourself. Regardless, you’ll find people succeeding in the line of work that fate led them toward. The job might not have been their first choice, but they do well in it nonetheless. And soon, they climb so far on the corporate ladder that they attain a high position within a couple of years.   

Conversely, you’d see a person secure their dream job. Nevertheless, they remain stuck at the same level for what would seem like forever, all because they haven’t been mindful of certain standards of conduct.  

So here’s the question: How do you find fulfillment in the work you do? How can you become a star employee who’s worthy of emulation? What principles must you live by to make your superiors pick you out of the bunch and place you in a position of favor so that you are the first person they think of whenever there are new projects and opportunities to be bestowed? 

1. Be innovative 

You can show initiative in the workplace by being resourceful and solving problems that others avoid or ignore. You don’t have to wait to be told what to do. Be forward-thinking and proactive instead.   

When you discover a way to make life easier for everyone concerned or to mitigate an impending mishap, don’t be afraid to speak up or take action. Taking initiative is a good sign of a leader.  

Avoid saying, “I don’t know.” Nothing is as off-putting to a manager as an employee who displays ineptitude and a nonchalant attitude. Instead, offer to get more information or post the issue to someone who can help.  

2. Be assertive 

Not only must you be competent at your job, but you also have to be a model of confidence and self-assurance. You command respect when you display boldness and carry an air of dignity about you. It’s all about the way you present yourself and your ideas. Make people feel like you always have something up your sleeves.  

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Allow every challenge to be a learning opportunity. When you make a mistake, take full responsibility and never assign blame.  

3. Look at the part 

Dress the way you’d want to be addressed. The way you appear greatly influences how people treat you. Always do your best to look polished. This also extends to your workspace. Try to be neat and organized.  

4. Hone your skills 

To display expertise and authority in your line of work, you have to keep improving. Stay up-to-date with the current trends, and always seek to identify your limitations and improve upon them. Obtain the required skills and certifications that will put you in demand and set you up for a promotion. Firms are always looking for top talents that will help them grow.  

5. Be dependable 

Always complete your tasks on schedule, and don’t be shy to go above and beyond what’s expected of you. People develop confidence in you when they know that you never fail to deliver. They will easily recommend you for greater opportunities.  

6. Be a team player  

Nobody likes a person who acts as if they are better than everyone else. Always be personable at work. Care about your colleagues and take an interest in people. Treat others with respect, and try to be in a position where you can help – whether it is showing someone how something is done, rescuing someone from an unpleasant situation, or even giving positive feedback.   

7. Be an effective communicator 

Always keep an open line of communication with your colleagues and superiors. This encourages effective collaboration and prevents conflicts and unpleasant surprises. Avoid being presumptuous. Ask questions when things are unclear to you. And when you pass information across, try to be as unambiguous as possible.  

8. Have a mindset of gratitude

You cannot attract good things into your life when you make a habit of grumbling and complaining. You align yourself for success when you keep track of your accomplishments and stay grateful for how far you’ve come. Be patient with yourself and give your best each and every day.