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Heartbroken boyfriend leaks s3x tape of himself and his ex-girlfriend chewing each other after break up



A viral video of an alleged second-year student of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) has leaked online.

It is believed from online accounts that the unidentified student was blackmailed by her partner’s male friend.

The male friend reportedly leaked the video after both lovers broke up.

The trending video was recorded with the consent of the participating actors.

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It begins with the guy placing the recording device, believed to be a mobile phone, on a surface while the female student patiently waits, kneeling with four arms on a bed that is spread with white sheets.

In the viral video which was leaked on Twitter by one @Favouritecoco, this video was said to be released by the boyfriend of the girl after there break up, which could be seen as a revenge by the ex boyfriend of the girl.

Some even claimed on Twitter that the video was not leaked online by her boyfriend but a school father.

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